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​Activity Assessment Questionnaire


There are differences in the exemptions between the Customs Act 1901, which applies to the export of goods, software and technology, and the Defence Trade Controls Act 2012, which applies to the supply and publication of software and technology, and the brokering of goods, software and technology. There are additional exemptions listed in the Defence and Strategic Goods List (DSGL) that apply to software as opposed to technology. To cater for this range of exemptions, different questionnaires have been developed. You should select the questionnaire for each type of activity you want to self-assess.

The questionnaires will identify whether any exemptions are applicable to your activity. If no exemptions are available, you will be advised that a permit will be required. At the end of the questionnaires you will be able to save a PDF copy of the questionnaires you have completed.

This reference number is for your record keeping purposes and will be displayed in the assessment record.

Select the activity/activities that you are undertaking:


As a convenience, your progress through the questionnaire will be stored locally in the web browser using the W3C LocalStorage standard. This allows you to close the browser window and return at a later point to continue with the questionnaire. To remove locally stored data, click 'Reset Questionnaire'. In addition, web browsers provide privacy features to allow you to disable all tracking


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