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Acronyms and Abbrevations

​Acronym or abbreviation​Meaning
ABECAnnular Bearing Engineers Committee
ADCAnalogue-to-Digital Converter
AGMAAmerican Gear Manufacturers’ Association
AHRSAttitude and Heading Reference Systems
AISIAmerican Iron and Steel Institute
ALEAtomic Layer Epitaxy
ALUArithmetic Logic Unit
ANSIAmerican National Standards Institute
APPAdjusted Peak Performance
APUAuxiliary Power Unit
ASTMthe American Society for Testing and Materials​
ATCAir Traffic Control
AVLISAtomic Vapour Laser Isotope Separation
BJTBipolar Junction Transistors
BPPBeam Parameter Product
BSCBase Station Controller
C3ICommand, Communications, Control & Intelligence
CAS​Chemical Abstracts Service
CAS​Chemical Abstracts Service
CCDCharge Coupled Device
CDUControl and Display Unit
CEPCircular Error Probable
CMMCoordinate Measuring Machine
CMOSComplementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
CNTDControlled Nucleation Thermal Deposition
CPLDComplex Programmable Logic Device
CPUCentral Processing Unit
CRISLAChemical Reaction by Isotope Selective Laser Activation
CVDChemical Vapour Deposition
CWChemical Warfare
CW (for lasers)Continuous Wave
DACDigital-to-Analogue Converter
DANLDisplayed Average Noise Level
DBRNData-Base Referenced Navigation
DDSDirect Digital Synthesizer
DEWDirected Energy Weapon Systems
DMADynamic Mechanical Analysis
DMEDistance Measuring Equipment
DMOSFETDiffused Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor
DSDirectionally Solidified
EBExploding Bridge
EB-PVDElectron Beam Physical Vapour Deposition
EBWExploding Bridge Wire
ECMElectro-Chemical Machining
ECRElectron Cyclotron Resonance
EDMElectrical Discharge Machines
EEPROMElectrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
EFIExploding Foil Initiators
EIAElectronic Industries Association
EIRPEffective Isotropic Radiated Power
EMCElectromagnetic Compatibility
EMCDBElastomer Modified Cast Double Based Propellants
ERFElectrorheological Finishing
ERPEffective Radiated Power
ETOEmitter Turn-Off Thyristor
ETTElectrical Triggering Thyristor
EUVExtreme Ultraviolet
FADECFull Authority Digital Engine Control
FFTFast Fourier Transform
FFTFast Fourier Transform
FGPAField Programmable Gate Array
FOVField of View
FPAFocal Plane Array
FPICField Programmable Interconnect
FPLAField Programmable Logic Array
FPOFloating Point Operation
FWHMFull-Width Half-Maximum
GLONASSGlobal Navigation Satellite System
GNSSGlobal Navigation Satellite System
GPSGlobal Positioning System
GSMGlobal System for Mobile Communications
GTOGate Turn-off Thyristor
HBTHetero-Bipolar Transistors
HEMTHigh Electron Mobility Transistors
ICAOInternational Civil Aviation Organisation
IECInternational Electro-technical Commission
IEDImprovised Explosive Device
IEEEInstitute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
IGBTInsulated Gate Bipolar Transistor
IGCTIntegrated Gate Commutated Thyristor
IHOInternational Hydrographic Organization
ILSInstrument Landing System
IMUInertial Measurement Unit
INSInertial Navigation System
IPInternet Protocol
IRSInertial Reference System
IRUInertial Reference Unit
ISAInternational Standard Atmosphere
ISARInverse Synthetic Aperture Radar
ISOInternational Organization for Standardization
ITUInternational Telecommunication Union
LIDARLight Detection and Ranging
LIDTLaser Induced Damage Threshold
LOALength Overall
LRULine Replaceable Unit
LTTLight Triggering Thyristor
LVDTLinear Variable Differential Transformer
MachRatio of speed of an object to speed of sound (after Ernst Mach)
MLISMolecular Laser Isotopic Separation
MLSMicrowave Landing Systems
MMICMonolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit
MOCVDMetal Organic Chemical Vapour Deposition
MOSFETMetal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor
MPMMicrowave Power Module
MRAMMagnetic Random Access Memory
MRFMagnetorheological Finishing
MRFMagnetorheological Finishing
MRIMagnetic Resonance Imaging
NANumerical Aperture
NBCNuclear, Biological and Chemical
NDTNon-Destructive Test
NEQNet Explosive Quantity
OAMOperations, Administration or Maintenance
OSIOpen Systems Interconnection
PARPrecision Approach Radar
PCLPassive Coherent Location
PDKProcess Design Kit
PMRPrivate Mobile Radio
PpmParts per million
PVDPhysical Vapour Deposition
RAPReactive Atom Plasmas
RFRadio Frequency
RNCRadio Network Controller
ROICROIC Read-out Integrated Circuit
RPVRemotely Piloted Air Vehicle
SARSynthetic Aperture Radar
SASSynthetic Aperture Sonar
SCSingle Crystal
SCRSilicon Controlled Rectifier
SFDRSpurious Free Dynamic Range
S-FILStep and Flash Imprint Lithography
SHPLSuper High Powered Laser
SLARSidelooking Airborne Radar
SPLDSimple Programmable Logic Device
SQUIDSuperconducting Quantum Interference Device
SRAShop Replaceable Assembly
SRAMStatic Random Access Memory
SRMSACMA Recommended Methods
SSBSingle Sideband
SSRSecondary Surveillance Radar
SSSSide Scan Sonar
TCSECTrusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria
TE-PVDThermal Evaporation-Physical Vapour Deposition
TIRTotal Indicated Reading
TVRTransmitting Voltage Response
UAVUAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
UPRUnidirectional Positioning Repeatability
UTSUltimate Tensile Strength
VJFETVertical Junction Field Effect Transistor
VORVery High Frequency Omni-directional Range
WLANWireless Local Area Network
YAGYttrium/Aluminium Garnet