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DSGL Item Details - 2D351

PART 2 Dual Use List / CATEGORY 2 - MATERIALS PROCESSING / 2D - Software

2D351 “Software”, other than that specified by 1D003, specially designed for “use” of equipment specified by ​2B351.

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General Technology Note

​​(This note applies to all technology controls in Categories 1 to 9 of the Dual-use List.​)

1.  The export of “technology” which is “required” for the “development”, “production” or “use” of goods controlled in Categories 1 to 9, is controlled according to the provisions of Categories 1 to 9.

2.  “Technology” “required” for the “development”, “production” or “use” of goods under control remains under control even when applicable to non-controlled goods.

3.  Controls do not apply to that “technology” which is the minimum necessary for the installation, operation, maintenance (checking) and repair of those goods which are not controlled or whose export has been authorised.

N.B.:  This does not release such “technology” specified in 1E002.e., 1E002.f., 8E002.a. and 8E002.b.

4.  Controls on “technology” transfer do not apply to information “in the public domain”, to “basic scientific research” or to the minimum necessary information for patent applications.

2E001 “Technology” according to the General Technology Note for the “development” of equipment or “software” specified by 2A, 2B or 2D.

Note: 2E001. includes “technology” for the in​tegration of probe systems into coordinate measurement machines specified by 2B006.a.

Sensitive Listing:

One or more of the items in this control are listed in the Sensitive List. Items on the Sensitive List require additional care in their transfer and General Export Licenses are generally not available for the export or supply of these items. To view the Sensitive List, click here.

Relevant Notes for interpreting this DSGL Item



Terms in “quotation marks” are defined terms (see Definitions). Words and terms that are defined and that appear in the Defence and Strategic Goods List without quotation marks are intended to take their ordinary dictionary meanings.

​​ Notes​

​​​The Notes, Technical Notes and Nota Bene (N.B.) appearing in the Defence and Strategic Goods List form an integral part of the control text.

Incorporated goods​

The object of the controls contained in the Defence and Strategic Goods List should not be defeated by the export of any non‑controlled goods (including plant) containing one or more controlled components when the controlled component or components are the principal element of the goods and can feasibly be removed or used for other purposes.​​

N​ote​:​      In judging whether the controlled component or components are to be considered the principal element, it is necessary to weigh the factors of quantity, value and technological know‑how involved and other special circumstances which might establish the controlled component or components as the principal element of the goods being procured.​

New and used goods

Goods specified in the Defence and Strategic Goods List include both new and used goods.

CAS numbers

In some instances chemicals are listed by name and CAS number. The list applies to chemicals of the same structural formula (including hydrates) regardless of name or CAS number. CAS numbers are shown to assist in identifying a particular chemical or mixture, irrespective of nomenclature. CAS numbers cannot be used as unique identifiers because:

   (a)some forms of the listed chemical have different CAS numbers; and

   ​(b)​mixtures containing a listed chemical may also have different CAS numbers.​

​ ​​

Source Code

“Source code” items are controlled either by “software” or by “software” and “technology” controls, except when such “source code” items are explicitly decontrolled.​​

Medical equipment

Equipment specially designed for medical end use that incorporates an item controlled in the Dual Use List is not controlled​​​.​​​

General “information security” note (GISN)

"Information security" items or functions should be considered against the provisions in Category 5 Part 2, even if they are components, "software" or functions of other items.

Note(s) to PART 2 Dual Use List


Additional Guidance Material

No additional guidance material found

Definitions & Abbreviations

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